Welcome to The Summit Internet Marketing Blog !

In this blog, we’ll be sharing our knowledge, discovery and experience about marketing on the internet, and making extra money on the internet. Most articles on this site are correlated to Internet Marketing, SEO Tips, Making Money Online and Fascinating Offers that we have found.

Who are we

Back in 2007 Jeffery Sharp and Johnny Yeung were two friends that had worked together in the high tech industry for 15 years. They were talking one day about having some extra cash  and decided to look into internet marketing.

Being well educated guys they did some home work and purchased their first online package to get them started.  They knew a lot about the technology that drives the internet and knew quite a bit about corporate marketing programs but did not know squat about what was really driving internet marketing and how quickly it changes and morphs.  The package they purchased for $1,997 was useless as it used Google Adwords to try and push a Clickbank hop link. After spending hundreds of dollars on Adwords (Pay Per Click (PPC)) they didn’t sell anything and even though they used a Google Adwords adviser to set up the campaign they got nasty emails from Google stating they were in violation of Google policies (Google Slap).

Saying good by to Google Adwords for this type of offer they explored other ways to drive traffic to their offers.  A lot of research later they learned multiple ways to drive traffic some free, some cheap, some risk free, and some premium that could break you if you don’t know what your doing.

The main obstacle we faced was our own lack of focus.  There are so many ways to make money online and it was difficult to determine what methods worked best.  We had developed many skills, bought many products and tried lots of different methodologies but none of them worked.  Why? Because we continually jumped from one poor method to another !

Since our mind thought was “looking for extra cash” we didn’t treat what we were doing as a serious business with real business goals, metrics, and commitment.

It is our intention to use our past 4 years of knowledge as the foundation for Making Money on the Internet, and we will be sharing that knowledge with you!

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