Another Worthless Website

… that will waste your timethumbs_down


This site will give you Customer Ratings for web retailers (merchants) for everything from Apparel to toy and Games.

One site I search recently had over 74.450 reviews.  All this sounds great but now The USELESS PART

There is no way to sort by rating.  The list is sorted by date with the newest being on top. If you want to read, why over 7,100 people rated this Merchant a “1”,  go get a cup of coffee, because you will need to page through all 74,450 reviews

Whoever designed this page should find a different job because they are really bad at this one.

I write this in the hope that the webmaster of this site will read this and fix the issue(s) with their site.  I keep my review/opinion short and to the point so I don’t waste their time like they did mine.

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