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Discount Tire

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor more then 20 years I have been a customer of Discount Tire in Scottsdale Arizona.

My wife recently visited Discount Tire to have the tires on her 2007 Toyota Sienna rotated.  I get a call at work as she is being told “you need 4 new tires”.  Quickly she puts me on the phone with the sales person. (like I have time for this !)

I queried the sales person on why I need tires so soon and asked when these were purchased.  He tells me Feb 2013.  One Year One Month ago I think ! How many miles do we have on them I ask.  “20,000 miles” he responds.

This tire the Arizonian Silver Edition  215 / 65 -16 has a warranty, according to the Discount Tire Web site of 65,000 miles.

I ask why he thinks they wore out so soon.  He says, we are behind in your tire rotations. My wife hearing this at the other end jumps in and says he is wrong.  She has gotten them rotated by Discount every 5,000 miles give or take 100  miles as recommended by Discount.  He says “oh ya there are 2 different telephone numbers that are in their system” mumbles something about October and then he says “but you are probably still behind a rotation”  Of course this is why my wife was there to get the rotation.

He then goes on to tell me the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna’s are heavy vehicles with under sized tires making them wear more.  This reminds of a thought I had last night while driving home that the Corvette in front of me  had tires that must have been 12-14 inches wide.  I thought traction ! But I digress.

The Sales guy recommends the Michelin Defender.  He said something about having a larger edge where my tires had been wearing. When I point out Michelin come with a premium price tag almost $60 more per tire then what was on the vehicle, he quickly (almost too quickly) says he’ll get me adjustment on the price because the Arizonian didn’t perform as expected.  He does say he will provide us with the names of several shops that will check the alignment for free and we should have that done.

So I’m in, 4 Michelin Defender tires $139 minus the adjustment, plus mounting balancing, cleaning the tire pressure sensors and bada boom bada bing … I’m at $800 +.

Ok now the best part …

So I decide to share with others my review of the Arizonian Silver Edition Tires using Discount web site.

I fill it out like this

Arizonian Silver Edition Tire Review

Zip Code Tires Driven In  (response redacted)
Miles Driven on Tires: 20,000
Driving Conditions: Mostly Dry
Type of Driving: Mixed Highway/City

Scale of Poor  1 to Superior 10

Ride Comfort: 7
Cornering & Steering: 8
Ride Noise: 6
Tread Life: 1
Dry Traction: 8
Wet Traction: 8
Winter Weather Traction(Snow & Ice): 7
Would You Purchase This Tire Again? : No
Pros (150 characters max): Inexpensive tire
Cons (150 characters max): Didn’t come close to Warranty Mileage

Write Your Review (2,000 characters max):

This tire has a warranty for 65,000 miles. The tires were rotated by Discount every 5000 miles give or take a 100 miles. The front end of the car was aligned the week after the tires were purchased. 20,000 miles later Discount says “you need 4 new tires”. The story is this vehicles is heavy and the manufacture recommends a tire that is probably too small so the vehicle (Toyota Sienna)will wear through tires more often. LOL

I go to submit and … “Invalid Review” message pops up. I check the “Guidelines for Writing a Review”

“Please use the following guidelines for your review:

The recommended review length is 75 to 300 words.
What to include:  Please keep your review specific to the experience with your tires, its features and how they perform on your vehicle. Whether your experience is positive or negative, it is most helpful if you explain why.

What not to include: We appreciate your comments, but request that you omit the following from your review:

  • Comments relating to another person’s review.
  • Profanity, obscenities, or spiteful remarks.
  • Single-word reviews. We want to know why you liked or disliked the item.
  • Phone numbers, mail addresses, URLs.
  • Availability, price, or alternative ordering/shipping information.
  • Solicitations for helpful votes.
  • Any comments or suggestions not pertaining to the review of the tire.

Any review in violation of these guidelines will not be posted.”

Well it must have been the “LOL” in my review they didn’t like.  Many iterations later trying to get it approved I write this

“Purchased these tires Feb 2013  The tires were rotated by Discount every 5000 miles, give or take a 100 miles.  The front end of the car was aligned the week after the tires were purchased.”

OK, I want to get my review out there, BUT after trying multiple web browsers I find the “Submit My Review”  Button does not work.  I do get a message that says “All Sections are Required” . Makes sense and I have filled in every Section multiple times.

Seems this is not my day when it comes to car tires …

Anyway, I wanted to get this out there in the ether, and I now feel I have once again helped others like me make a more informed decision when buying tires.

Good luck in your tire shopping and drive safely, I might be the guy behind you.

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