Another Worthless Website

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This site will give you Customer Ratings for web retailers (merchants) for everything from Apparel to toy and Games.

One site I search recently had over 74.450 reviews.  All this sounds great but now The USELESS PART

There is no way to sort by rating.  The list is sorted by date with the newest being on top. If you want to read, why over 7,100 people rated this Merchant a “1”,  go get a cup of coffee, because you will need to page through all 74,450 reviews

Whoever designed this page should find a different job because they are really bad at this one.

I write this in the hope that the webmaster of this site will read this and fix the issue(s) with their site.  I keep my review/opinion short and to the point so I don’t waste their time like they did mine.

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10 Acres For Sale In North Scottsdale Arizona

 Dirt Pics 2005Approximately 10 acres (9.595 ac without easements ) South of Jomax and East of 118th street

  • Can be divided in to 3 Parcels
  • Within the City of Scottsdale boundary (protects your land value)
  • Paved Road on west boundary (118th St)
  • Water Main within properties west easement
  • Electric within properties west easement
  • City Sewer on the west side of 118th Street
  • Adjacent to Sonoran Preserve
  • At the top of a ridge so there are no flooding or major wash concerns
  • This is land that will allow the right person to own a large estate property in North Scottsdale Arizona.
  • Enough to build your own ranch estate  with lots of privacy.
  • Build without a Home Owners Association telling you what you can and can not do.

Price:  Similar lots in the area range from $66,838 per acre to more then $600,000 per acre.  We are at the lower end of this spectrum and are willing to talk.

Seller  Carry Back is a possibility.

If you are a serious buyer and  wish to discuss you can call Joe at (480) 948-1998

Discount Tire

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor more then 20 years I have been a customer of Discount Tire in Scottsdale Arizona.

My wife recently visited Discount Tire to have the tires on her 2007 Toyota Sienna rotated.  I get a call at work as she is being told “you need 4 new tires”.  Quickly she puts me on the phone with the sales person. (like I have time for this !)

I queried the sales person on why I need tires so soon and asked when these were purchased.  He tells me Feb 2013.  One Year One Month ago I think ! How many miles do we have on them I ask.  “20,000 miles” he responds.

This tire the Arizonian Silver Edition  215 / 65 -16 has a warranty, according to the Discount Tire Web site of 65,000 miles.

I ask why he thinks they wore out so soon.  He says, we are behind in your tire rotations. My wife hearing this at the other end jumps in and says he is wrong.  She has gotten them rotated by Discount every 5,000 miles give or take 100  miles as recommended by Discount.  He says “oh ya there are 2 different telephone numbers that are in their system” mumbles something about October and then he says “but you are probably still behind a rotation”  Of course this is why my wife was there to get the rotation.

He then goes on to tell me the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna’s are heavy vehicles with under sized tires making them wear more.  This reminds of a thought I had last night while driving home that the Corvette in front of me  had tires that must have been 12-14 inches wide.  I thought traction ! But I digress.

The Sales guy recommends the Michelin Defender.  He said something about having a larger edge where my tires had been wearing. When I point out Michelin come with a premium price tag almost $60 more per tire then what was on the vehicle, he quickly (almost too quickly) says he’ll get me adjustment on the price because the Arizonian didn’t perform as expected.  He does say he will provide us with the names of several shops that will check the alignment for free and we should have that done.

So I’m in, 4 Michelin Defender tires $139 minus the adjustment, plus mounting balancing, cleaning the tire pressure sensors and bada boom bada bing … I’m at $800 +.

Ok now the best part …

So I decide to share with others my review of the Arizonian Silver Edition Tires using Discount web site.

I fill it out like this

Arizonian Silver Edition Tire Review

Zip Code Tires Driven In  (response redacted)
Miles Driven on Tires: 20,000
Driving Conditions: Mostly Dry
Type of Driving: Mixed Highway/City

Scale of Poor  1 to Superior 10

Ride Comfort: 7
Cornering & Steering: 8
Ride Noise: 6
Tread Life: 1
Dry Traction: 8
Wet Traction: 8
Winter Weather Traction(Snow & Ice): 7
Would You Purchase This Tire Again? : No
Pros (150 characters max): Inexpensive tire
Cons (150 characters max): Didn’t come close to Warranty Mileage

Write Your Review (2,000 characters max):

This tire has a warranty for 65,000 miles. The tires were rotated by Discount every 5000 miles give or take a 100 miles. The front end of the car was aligned the week after the tires were purchased. 20,000 miles later Discount says “you need 4 new tires”. The story is this vehicles is heavy and the manufacture recommends a tire that is probably too small so the vehicle (Toyota Sienna)will wear through tires more often. LOL

I go to submit and … “Invalid Review” message pops up. I check the “Guidelines for Writing a Review”

“Please use the following guidelines for your review:

The recommended review length is 75 to 300 words.
What to include:  Please keep your review specific to the experience with your tires, its features and how they perform on your vehicle. Whether your experience is positive or negative, it is most helpful if you explain why.

What not to include: We appreciate your comments, but request that you omit the following from your review:

  • Comments relating to another person’s review.
  • Profanity, obscenities, or spiteful remarks.
  • Single-word reviews. We want to know why you liked or disliked the item.
  • Phone numbers, mail addresses, URLs.
  • Availability, price, or alternative ordering/shipping information.
  • Solicitations for helpful votes.
  • Any comments or suggestions not pertaining to the review of the tire.

Any review in violation of these guidelines will not be posted.”

Well it must have been the “LOL” in my review they didn’t like.  Many iterations later trying to get it approved I write this

“Purchased these tires Feb 2013  The tires were rotated by Discount every 5000 miles, give or take a 100 miles.  The front end of the car was aligned the week after the tires were purchased.”

OK, I want to get my review out there, BUT after trying multiple web browsers I find the “Submit My Review”  Button does not work.  I do get a message that says “All Sections are Required” . Makes sense and I have filled in every Section multiple times.

Seems this is not my day when it comes to car tires …

Anyway, I wanted to get this out there in the ether, and I now feel I have once again helped others like me make a more informed decision when buying tires.

Good luck in your tire shopping and drive safely, I might be the guy behind you.

Pay-per-click set-ups

computer-mouse-152249_640Pay-per-click set-ups can be quite a valuable technique in internet online affiliate marketing tactic. This necessitates the the very least work from webmasters, that is certainly why the spend affiliated to it really is modest, but individuals small revenue can compound speedily.

Select a area title that has your selected keywords.This can make it much easier for folks to uncover your area identify unforgettable and easy to search for. Hold in mind that not all people that arrive at your web site go there on account of commercials, not just from ads.

Spiders evaluate all elements of your site’s information, your web site might not rank as high as you’d like. A internet site map is an effective resource which will aid a web bot locate your pages.

This can be very helpful for clients who located you thru YouTube.

Spiders usually do not figure out session id names or dynamic language, so keep in mind that when creating URL names.This confuses search engines like google an awesome offer, in particular if key phrases are not integrated.

Meta description tags need to be positioned on each page of your respective web site. Meta tags are used to explain the varied web pages of your respective web site on outcomes webpages of big search engines like yahoo. The meta tag ought to be concise and informative. This will assist to draw in more website visitors to your website.

Using product or service feed may help to reach new customers. Feeds like this detail your companies and solutions with photographs, descriptions and shots.Post them to web-sites for shoppers and also to search engines.

Web page maps enable serps. Regardless of whether your internet site is simply a hole inside the wall compared to giants like Amazon, putting up a internet site map will drastically increase your search engine rankings and make your internet site simpler to navigate.

Test to include a transcript for almost any visible or audio you article on your web-site.

Running a blog on your very own web page will maximize visitors since it’ll be extra noticeable to look motor outcomes. This subsequently will raise the amount of site visitors to your site targeted traffic.

Numerous think that keywords in comment tags will build a web site additional noticeable to search engines.

A web-site map that has your keyword phrases.Site maps are fantastic means for serps and website visitors to search out their way all over your web site.

Utilize new details speedily to keep your website practical and appropriate. These recommendations could be used to further improve your site’s position about the research outcomes pages.

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Advertisements Above The Fold

SEOThe Internet has most likely been the largest discovery of this era. Its dawn has brought on us the dawn of true globalization. It would not be a hyper-statement to suggest that internet has effectively and truly shrunk the globe to the size of a village. With the help of search engines, any individual can seek any kind of data online. He can also indulge in purchasing or promoting products and services throughout the world. This brings us to an important question. How do the sellers propose their products or services to the buyers?

In light that Google recently announced that they do not believe the a website should have any advertisements above the fold, one of a series of ever changing rules that help websites rank in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to change and evolve as the use of the information on the internet grows and changes.

So, how do the sellers propose their products or services to the buyers?. It is accurate that customers all over the world need to reach out to the website of a seller for purchasing his ware. So how is this done? It is done by endorsing to the search engines. It is the job of the search engines to deflect your site to the aspiring investors but you need to run correct Website Development campaigns to access them.

As a first, you need to possess keyword-intensive web written content for your internet site which may be easily discovered by the bots or crawlers of the search engines. 2nd, your website should not be blocked by banners or graphics as the search engine algorithms fail to read them and because of this the internet websites are bypassed by the engines. Effortlessly, failure to integrate this Website Design measure straightaway leads to the lack of sales and prospect generation.

Web Marketing Strategy is the key to web marketing. If you follow correct techniques of enhancing your site, you can reach high Google search positions very fast. These can help you in being highly distinguished in the eyes of web traffic. It is essential to note that those sites that use Black hat or unethical methods for procuring web traffic are quicker or later on thrown out of the online radar.

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The Importance of Clickbank Marketing

clickbankThe clickbank marketing software is a valuable instrument that is a remarkable tool that divulges the precise products that are worthy of endorsement in the clickbank marketplace, the variation of ranking a particular product name keyword, and discovery of various products that have been shown to be high converting over long periods of time.

This tool is tremendous time saving and reveals profitable data that many people would spend hours or even days trying to compile many spreadsheets or online tools. The CB Maker is a very simple tool that can be accessed by many people and easy to use. It only needs a few clicks and gives the entire information one would require to make first-class decisions. It allows for the check up of keywords that one needs to optimize on thus benefiting the users who endorse the clickbank products, by augmenting their clickbank earnings.
The CB Maker is imperative for all affiliate marketers who exploit products from clickbank as it consents them to outline the finest products to promote within the clickbank marketplace, thus enabling easy moneymaking.
Any person who looks into Internet or businesses online should in no doubt have this software. It is an incredibly exclusive tool in the market. It facilitates the exposure of hidden clickbank products that are advertised with minimal competition.

The clickbank marketing software is a win- win beneficiary tool. It puts a stop to wasted money and wasted time for those trying to publicize their products for little or no return. It moreover saves many erroneous mistakes that most of the users tend to make during their decision-making by allowing them to set up a Word press blog with a product name keyword and everything else is automated for them.
The clickbank Marketing Software generally simplifies work for its users. Most users squander a lot of time trying different methods that evaluates the suitability of promoting the clickbank products such as writing articles that associate with enzine articles that takes a lot of time with little or no results. This software literally exhibits some of the essential products that can be found in very aggressive niches.
This software is especially ideal because it is not just a lifesaver for most online marketers, but also a lifesaver that is affordable. It is definitely necessary in every user’s arsenal. It also has a special feature that allows users to clear out the minute CB gems of the products they promote.

Clickbank has 80 percent of the stats on needs available right in clickbank as obliged to visiting multiple, probably irrelevant sites. Though it may bring about the viral aspect, it is still worth your time and money.
In conclusion, the Clickbank marketing software is a free downloadable tool with easy plug-in installation that runs within the Firefox browser. It is compatible with both Mac’s and PC’s. This tool, will allow users to learn how to monetize their information by simply clinching powerful, profitable and proven businesses. Several information about this is available on the Internet.

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Wanting for Best Search Engine Optimization Specialists ?

SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO), a methodology to enhance a web domain’s visibility while universal searching, is one in every of the areas where companies search for developing an inside resource or prefer to outsource to larger firms so as to meddle with the competition. Hence, hiring a high quality Search Engine Optimization Specialist is not simply an addendum but the accountability of the corporate so as to sustain growth. Since whole promoting is that the final target of the technique , some necessary factors for the achievement of the procedure are as mentioned below. It should be famous that these are the details to be considered for recruiting a expert in the system .

1. SEO is continually varying technology – By this; it means that that the factors deciding which net page or website is displayed 1st during a generic search vary depending on net traffic and evolving programming techniques. For instance if an organization’s web site seems within the prime list for its products or services in this week, it might simply not be the case in the subsequent week as some other company’s website may take precedence thanks to some enhancement at their end. Therefore the expert to be hired should exercise exquisite strategic skill instead of programming ability to satisfy the competition.

2. Continuous work is mandatory – Internet traffic being unpredictable and relentless, there is a want to constantly maneuver the performance of the procedure applied to a web site, which means the SEO expert ought to be wise enough to know that coding to use where. This involves pondering some of the performance indicators like hits to conversions ratio, rates and bounces, optimized keywords and therefore on and refining it to suit the business needs.

3. Coming up with and focus on the domain – It’s necessary to own an optimization arrange in place in order to grasp the challenges. This suggests that anticipation holds the key. A specialist is required to do that as he/she can be targeted on the task. This also helps to customize the net page or site thus that the page is hit for the particular sorts of products or services offered.

4. PPC optimization and its importance – The fundamental idea of optimization procedure takes its root from the concept of keyword choice. Choosing the optimal keyword, improving ad copy and/or groups and landing pages so as to propel the come on investment (ROI) is the role of an Search Engine Optimization Specialists.

5.Knowledge on existing trend – This is important for growth of the company. If the corporate decides to venture any new on-line services or introduce some new products on-line, the knowledgeable must be aware of the most recent happenings to increase hits. This helps the corporate to innovate with new merchandise and/or services with the guarantee that their attempt can be spotted by surfers.

With these points, hiring the most effective Search Engine Optimization Specialists ought to be quite easy. One should note that such a professional will not solely improvise the eye to business by bringing in more customers however also save precious time so that the company itself can specialize in the particular business.

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3 SEO Techniques You Want to Avoid

SEOSEO seems simple on the surface but there are many things that you may be unaware of. If you are serious about getting tons of free targeted traffic to your site then you have to learn at least basic SEO. From looking for solutions to their problems to finding reviews on products, people turn to the internet as a shopping resource. Search engine traffic can literally bring millions of visitors to your site so it doesn‘t make much business sense to ignore it. With the knowledge that you will get more traffic the higher you rank on the first page should be enough of a reason to learn SEO. One of the best ways to succeed with SEO is to learn what not to do. SEO is about flowing with the search engine‘s algorithm so any “shortcut“ and black hat methods will usually backfire after awhile.

The number one SEO mistake early marketers make is improper on-page SEO. This is an important part of your whole SEO strategy and is completely in your control. On-page SEO is how you arrange the elements on your site to rank well in the search engines. This is really simple, your main concerns are your ALT tags, heading tags, file names, titles, and navigational structure. Each on-page element should contain your main keywords. Don‘t skip over this part of SEO. Your competition will be using these basic techniques so you should take it a step further.

Choosing the wrong keywords is another mistake that webmasters make. If you don’t research your keywords well enough and don’t have a strong keyword list, it spoils your optimization efforts. The traffic you get isn’t much targeted, which means it doesn’t convert and give results. Your focus should be on keywords that are popular among searchers. With the right keywords you are off to a running start; with the wrong keywords you might as well start over because you won’t win the race. Once you have found some high volume keywords you can start planning your site structure and themes. Keyword research isn’t hard but can be time-consuming, however; it is necessary.

Never commit a big mistake which is overlooking the search engine guide lines.
This is why you will always want to heed those guidelines so that your SEO methods are always in the search engine’s favor. Search engine guidelines are modified constantly so it’s important to familiarize yourself with these changes whenever they occur so that you can stay within the rules. One example you can look at is Google, which changes the algorithm is uses all the time, and that’s why you must look at these changes whenever they occur so your site doesn’t lose its rank.
If you have been looking for a long term traffic solution that doesn’t cost you anything then look no further than search engine optimization. SEO is not a quick fix but when it works, it really works and for a long time too. Stay patient and persistent and SEO will really work for you. No matter what, don‘t fall for all of the gimmicks, they work temporarily and then blow up in your face; if you stick with the long-term methods then you will still be around when the smoke clears.

How PPC Service Will Get You Great Traffic

marketing onlineA terribly standard tool for promoting campaigns nowadays is PPC. This kind of selling helps businesses get off to very successful starts as a result of they don’t must spend years generating traffic and building a reputation. They can be in a position to get many visitors in their terribly 1st week of being on-line, and this can also help them to rank high on search engine results.

PPC Services that Can Get You Great Traffic are very effective and simple to use which is the most reason for their huge popularity with all sorts of online businesses. There are totally different search engines that offer various marketing tools to advertisers. The one that is most generally known is Google. It has programs like Google Ad Words. By using these varieties of tools you will be able to select keywords that are relevant to your product and then get people to appear for them. A sensible means to travel about it is to seek out your own niche. You may even realize a few them to help all of your various merchandise perform better. It may take considerable analysis before you’re in a position to understand how it works and which areas you wish to concentrate on, however once you perceive it, you will be much more capable of advertising your business effectively.

PPC Campaign Management are the most effective way to get traffic immediately, as it tells people that your website exists and what it’s to offer them. People who are employing a specific keyword will see results that contain that keyword. So if you decide on the correct keywords your results can show up high on the list and additional folks will visit your website, thus increasing your possibilities of creating a sale. Another factor to recollect is that every one the pages you’re directing to must use the identical keywords as individuals were searching for. Thus you may have to alter your web site to match the keywords you are using for your ad campaigns. You’ll already tell by the name that you will be paying for each click that folks make. Of course this is often sometimes not a full heap, however you will want to take care on balance, to direct the right folks to your website so that you are not paying for nothing. PPC programs are very wide unfold as a result of marketers wish to lower the quantity that they need to pay money for advertising.

PPC Services Can Get You Great Traffic advertising is usually the only possibility that many businesses have, as it is the most cheap nevertheless effective approach to increase traffic to your website and to get a lot of clients. Individuals usually begin Ad Word campaigns while not really understanding what it’s all concerning and how it works. Advertising online is very effective nowadays, as that’s where several people pay their time. Using programs like Google has to supply is a pretty effective method to go concerning it. Bear in mind that the net is changing into more in style each day so it’s price obtaining a bit of experience with using it now.

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Achieve High Search Engine Rankings Using Proven On-Page SEO

SEOYou can make your SEO efforts much easier by simply optimizing your site with the right on-page factors. Keep reading to discover how to get your site on board with effective on-page optimization.

You need to be careful regarding outbound links on your site compared to incoming. There is no hard and fast rule about this, but just be sure you do not exceed more than a handful. You never want to ever be mistaken as a site that is solely for linking. All you really need to do is link to strong authority sites, and that means you will not have very many. You should never have more than one hundred, and we think you should never have more than a dozen or so. All of this about outgoing links is obviously to appease the search engines. Google and you share the same customer base, so it only makes sense to want to deliver a good product.

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Keep the size of the pages on your website small; try to limit the size to 100K or less. Having a larger file size will cause problems initially as it will take time to load. The recommended size is usually 40K; in a way, the smaller your page is, the better response you will get, from both, the search engines and as well as your visitors. It’s always better to have smaller pages because they don’t take up much space, provide targeted information and are easier to get ranked. If you did not take this into consideration before, then it is a good idea to check your page sizes. Need a way to consolidate your debts?

The issue of hyphens in domain names is always debated, but you can find high ranking sites that do have them. There are a lot of ways to use a domain you want without resorting to hyphens. But again, limit these hyphens to one or two; anything more than that is not healthy.

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SEO is tough enough when you do things right, so there is no reason to make life more difficult for yourself by ignoring on-page optimization. Utilizing smart and effective on and off page SEO will help to insulate you from changes when they occur. Look no further than this  debt consolidation and debt consolidation loan site.

Another too that can help you with onpage SEO is a WordPress plugin called Greg’s High Performance SEO.  Each article/post/page on your site needs a “UNIQUE” Title that uses your keywords, the keywords themselves, and a “UNIQUE” Description that also uses your key words and this plug helps you add these things so all your content doesn’t have to look the same.

365it services


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